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Following an eight-hour operation to correct a transitional switch and hole in the heart, Rachel’s heart developed a resistance to functioning by itself. She was immediately connected to a life support machine known as ECMO.
This machinery provided the necessary time for Rachel’s heart to recover after being continually handled for such a long period of time during what proved to be a traumatic surgical procedure.

It provided Rachel with a life line by means of an electronically operated pump which filtrated her blood through a maze of intricate tubing on the outside of her body. This was regulated by a precise balance of drugs and monitored through a 24-hour care programme performed by highly trained nursing staff.

Rachel remained on ECMO for a total of some four weeks. Without it, she would most certainly have died.

Rachel is now growing up and leads a perfectly normal life.

The costs involved in purchasing such equipment together with the ongoing cash flow once a patient is linked up are extremely costly.

This is where we ask for your support in helping to provide the necessary funding required for the purchase of such machinery. Follow the links at the top of the page to make a donation, sponsor an event, or become a fundraiser.

It has been necessary for Rachel to have other corrective surgery and catheter operations. As she has grown up, her arteries have stretched and she returns to hospital each year to be reviewed and has to undergo various tests. Today, Rachel’s main aim is to have a future career in song and dance. She attends Loughborough Performing Arts College and has been involved with “Stagecoach” for many years. One of her goals is to appear on the X-Factor and hopes that one day, she could becoming a singing star.

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